The Luminary advocacy: Zero waste living

Climate change has been a pressing problem of the world. One of the biggest contributors to this problem has been plastic usage. For so long, we've been encouraged to recycle to reduce our waste. However, recycling is just one way to advocate for Mother Earth. We should also look into reusing. 

That's why I'm more than happy to support the Luminary, a zero waste store that opened a few months ago in our neighborhood.

zero waste store

The store carries a lot of products that can be bought and refilled! You'd also pay less when you bring your own container. They highly recommend that you do! My mom recently one vouchers from our barangay for this store. I was more than happy to come with her for a visit so she could see for herself Luminary's offerings. 

You can also check it out for yourself since I took photos! 

luminary product offerings

Kitchen and Baking Needs

For your cooking and food condiment needs, Luminary sells soy sauce, vinegar, palm oil and coconut oil. They also have turmeric powder, garlic and onion powder as well as herbs such as dried rosemary leaves just to mention a few. 


Love to bake? Check out their selection of refined white sugar, brown sugar and all purpose flour. If you need toppings for your baked goods, they even carry chocolate droplets.   

baking needs

The Luminary also sells different types of hulled rice grains. Again, just shop with your own container to help reduce waste!

luminary rice products

In the mood to cook pasta? Perhaps sopas? Luminary's got you covered with this need too! 

luminary pasta offerings

If you don't have enough empty container with you, you can also buy from the store. They also carry various empty containers that can house your liquid or solid purchases. 

bring your own container

Snacks Galore

Is healthy eating one of your resolutions for the year? The Luminary store has a wide array of healthy snacks for you to choose from like garlic peanuts, roasted almonds and trail mix. They also have champoy and sweet dilis. 

luminary snacks

healthy snacks

Got a sweet tooth? Or maybe looking for treats for the kids? Check out these sweet selections! 

sweet treats for kids

Is it only kitchen and snacks that can be found at the Luminary? Absolutely not!

Liquid Refills for Handwashing, Laundry and Dishes 

handwash, dish washing and fabric conditioner

As we all know hand washing is super important these days. Stock up on your hand soaps at the Luminary! You can choose from lavender, strawberry or green apple scents. Need dishwashing liquid for your dishes or fabric conditioner for your laundry? 1 liter purchase will only cost you Php80 provided you bring your own bottle! 

Don't live near the area? Not to worry! You can also get your Luminary orders by ordering online and you can have it delivered. 

When you support Luminary store, you're not only supporting a local small business. You are also helping to save the only planet we live on. Isn't that amazing? 

The Luminary is located at 2742 Cailles Street, Bangkal, Makati City. 

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