My Very Tea-ta Afternoon: Afternoon Tea Experience at The Peninsula Manila

If asked to choose between coffee or tea, I choose coffee. But over the years, I've learned to appreciate drinking tea as well. Western people might consider drinking tea a very English thing to do but here in the Philippines, it's a very tita thing to do. So that's what I had - a tea-ta weekend when a friend invited me for an afternoon tea experience at Peninsula Manila. 

We made a reservation and had our vaccination cards ready for presentation when we went. After all, indoor dine-ins are only allowed for vaccinated people. We encountered a glitch however when we got to the hotel as they couldn't find our reservation.  I supposed it wasn't much of a surprise when that happened. We assumed our reservation was confirmed as no one from their team came back to us when my friend contacted them via Facebook. I was ready to drop the plan and go somewhere else if we weren't going to be allowed in. About fifteen minutes later though, someone from their team came to fetch us and finally we were seated. 

The Peninsula Manila is one of the oldest hotels in the country located in the business district of Makati City. It's a five-star hotel and as soon as you step foot inside, you'd see the luxury emanating from the hotel's facade.   

I couldn't help but admire this hotel even though it's not the first time I've stepped foot inside. It has been a while though since the last time I was here. It's the first time I went in any hotel since the pandemic began. 

The afternoon tea set at The Peninsula Manila cost Php1,200/pax or Php1,815 should you choose to have a flute of Champagne with it. It consists of sweet and savory snacks along with a pot of hot tea. 

festive afternoon tea set at The Peninsula Manila

It's been so long since I actually had an afternoon tea experience like this. The first was at TWG in Greenbelt pre-pandemic times, many years ago. I love the tea I picked out that went with my snacks, which coincidentally is also from TWG: Vanilla Bourbon. I've already got it added on to my cart at Lazada. Buy it here.  

As for the snacks, I expected I wouldn't be fulfilled. But I left Peninsula Manila on a full stomach. The afternoon tea set snacks were delicious and filling! I got my money's worth. 

Here are just some more of the food shots from my afternoon tea experience at The Peninsula Manila.  

Overall, a pleasant afternoon tea experience.