A Spanish Mealtime Experience at Las Flores

A friend and I decided to break our routinary patterns one weekday by going out for lunch. And not just any lunch! We went for a Spanish lunch cuisine at Las Flores in Salcedo Village, Makati. 

We tried to book a table online initially but we didn't get any confirmation. Don't you just hate that? But anyway, considering its location, (read: not in the mall and not in the business district), I was pretty confident we'd be able to get a table as soon as we arrive. Though to be sure that the lunch crowd would have already dispersed, we went to Las Flores at around 1:30PM. We had the place to ourselves. 

After the initial health and safety precautions (temp check, contact tracing form, alcohol and checking of vaccination cards), we were seated. 

I've been craving paella for so long now so it was definitely part of our order! We chose to go with one of their meal packages. For Php1, 595 we got these:  
  • Patatas Bravas 
  • Bombas de la Barceloneta
  • Grande Paella Venduras
  • Red Sangria pitcher 

Paella Venduras is just one of the paellas they offered in their menu. This particular paella had a lot of veggies like eggplant, string beans and cherry tomatoes. It was a great choice for us. 

Whenever I'm dining at a restaurant that offers Spanish cuisine, I always order potato croquette. I just love mashed potato that's rolled in bread crumbs and deep-fried until crisp. At Las Flores, that's the Bombas de la Barceloneta. 

This was okay but I've tasted better. Actually between this and Patatas Bravas, we preferred the latter more. It has a little spice in it so it's kinda surprising that I'd like this tapas. But yeah, I did. It went great with my sangria.  

Speaking of sangria, I helped myself to a drink during lunch hour. I was dining at a Spanish restaurant, a sangria is a must! I enjoyed their sangria. It's got that citrusy sweet taste to it. The alcohol's not overpowering and I've tasted quite a few sangrias in my life! 

To end our Spanish meal time experience, we ordered churros for dessert! We weren't planning on ordering dessert at Las Flores initially. My friend wanted to go to La Lola's for churros but unfortunately, La Lola's isn't in Glorietta or Greenbelt anymore. So we decided to get churros from Las Flores instead. To our surprise, the churros from Las Flores are also from La Lola's - only more expensive and there aren't options to choose from. Still this was a delicious dessert and a gret way to cap off our meal!  

Yummy churros! Dig in!

So overall, it was a great lunch out experience at Las Flores, Salcedo. I think due to its location, it's not so crowded. While we were there, there were only a couple of other diners who came in to the restaurant. It was still peaceful to dine there. You can just enjoy your meal. Just as this Inquirer article said, you can dine in style and away from the maddening crowd. 


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