The Joy of Comfort Food at Dayrit's Burger and Roast Beef House

After staying home for most of January due to another COVID-19 surge, I decided to break the monotony of it by dining out. I went to check out Dayrit's at Paseo de Magallanes, Makati with my cousin. 

Dayrit's has been around for a while now. Actually I've first heard of this restaurant from Joei's blog. It was her post about this being an old favorite place of hers that made me curious to try Dayrit's. But it took years for me to finally get around to trying it out.

How's the Food?

On our first visit, I tried their Roast Beef. That's what the restaurant is known for. My cousin ordered the Spam steak plus iced teas for us two. It was a complete meal already what we ordered, with rice and even hot soup. 

I asked my cousin what she thought of her meal. She said she really enjoyed this dish. That pineapple combined with the spam made it a sweet delight to eat. The mashed potato on the side though without the veggies, was bland.  

I was excited to try their roast beef since it's been raved about not only by food bloggers but also diners who've posted reviews on Zomato. They weren't wrong at all. This was good roast beef. The meat was tender and juicy and good enough serving for one. I also thought that baked potato was tasty! Not like at all my cousin's mashed potato. 

And because we had a good first dining experience, we came back about a week later for another early dinner. This time we bought ordered hamburger steaks and iced tea. The iced tea's good. I read it's home made. 

I'm glad the servings are big so if you're really hungry, you'd definitely be finishing your meal on a full stomach. I expected our steaks to be served hot but it was just warm. Oh well the rice was steamed so it didn't matter.  

So we liked the hamburger steaks too. I liked the healthy serving of gravy on it. It's not the best gravy in town but good enough. The mashed potato I think is a little better this time than when my cousin ordered her food with this side dish. 

My cousin, though she liked this too, thought the Spam Steak was the better choice of the two. 

I wish we could've tried their Brownie ala Mode for dessert but it wasn't available. Maybe next time. 

The Rest of Our Dining Experience

There wasn't much people around when we first ate at Dayrit's. Probably because we were there for an early dinner - around 4pm. The second time around when we came in later, we saw the place start to get packed with customers. But the food gets served fast. I read that there've been changes to the menu over the years. According to this blog, roast beef used to be served with java rice. I would've wanted that. 

Anyway, if you're also not comfortable dining in, Dayrit's has an al fresco area. That's where we stayed both times we visited. We get to enjoy the view of the sunset, the feel of the cool evening wind and just watch the cars pass by. 

A dining experience at Dayrit's will cost around Php800+ for two. 


Worth scoping out. I'd come back here again!