Korean Cultural Center and Burgers Day

Just before the rainy season was officially declared, I was able to squeeze in a little adventure in the city. Since I recently learned about Korean Cultural Center, I invited my cousin to visit the place. She's got Korea on her travel bucket list so I knew she'd appreciate the place. 

Entrance to Korean Cultural Center 's new home is free (for now). We went on a weekday, just as it opened since we wanted to avoid the crowd. 

KCC is located at Bayani Road, Taguig. For those who have a car, yes, there's parking in the place but only a handful of vehicles can be accommodated and there is no other nearby parking.  We took a Grab to get there. Convenient. 

The wall art outside KCC is definitely an eye catcher. Definitely worth taking a photo of.  

About Korean Cultural Center

KCC is the official cultural arm of the Korean Embassy. If you're a fan of K-Pop or you binge watch K-drama series, you'll definitely appreciate the rich culture of Korea more by visiting KCC. It has a mini museum, a dance studio, classrooms to learn short courses at and a library.  

Activities to Do at KCC

Since it's still on its soft opening, there were only two floors open. The ground floor is the mini museum. This is really where you'll learn more about Korea's culture from food, language, clothes and so much more. 

Virtual Tryout of Hanbok 

The hanbok is the traditional Korean clothing. At KCC, you can try out various hanbok virtually. 

I actually had a hanbok made a few years ago when I attended our company Christmas party which had a United Nations theme. It was a beautiful costume but sadly, I didn't win best in costume then. Anyway... so these are our virtual looks. We look cute I may so! 

And you can save your virtual looks on your phone simply by scanning the QR code. 

Wrote Our Names in Hangul

Hangul or the Korean alphabet is the modern official writing system for the Korean language. 

And on the fifth floor, we checked out the Punghwa (Light of ASEAN) exhibit. 

We were able to get a clean shot because we were the only ones in there.😀

According to the brochure, this exhibit aimed to show the similarities of of Korea and the Philippines, one of which is both our fondness for the light culture, a symbol of hope and a practice of wishing into the shining light in the dark sky.

Speaking of wishing, after checking out Punghwa, don't forget to write your own wish on the postcards provided outside the exhibit area and drop it in the dropbox. Who knows? Your wish might just come true!   

This article is a helpful read on learning more about Korean Cultural Center.

In a Mood for Burgers 

After our visit to KCC, we went to BGC because my cousin wanted to try Shake Shack burgers. 

I tried out Shake Shack a few years ago when it had just opened in the same branch, BGC High Street with some friends. The place was packed then! I find Shake Shack expensive in all honesty. It's a good burger but not the kind I'd crave for. 

We also went to Makati after and ended up having dinner at 8Cuts in Greenbelt. Yes, burgers again!😆

Now this burger is my fave! It's juicy and at around Php300 more or less, I've already got a drink and fries. Even when I'm not craving for a burger, the mention of 8cuts is enough to get my mouth watering. 

Anyway, so that was one of my recent adventures in the city. Isn't it wonderful to know that there's always something to do in the Metro?