My Top 5 Fave Budget Places to Eat At

One of the perks of living in the Metro is that there are plenty of options when it comes to food places. Om a budget? Fast food. Want to have snacks while chilling with friends? Go to a cafe. Feel like splurging? Dine at a restaurant. 

But presented with so many choices can also be a challenge. How do you decide where to eat? As a person who doesn't have an adventurous palate, I often have my go-to places where to order food from especially when I'm on a budget! 

Here are my top 5 faves: 

1. Jollibee

But of course right? Jollibee is very panlasang Pinoy. I've been eating at Jollibee since I was a kid. I even remember my parents buying me all the merchandise sold by Jollibee from the toys to the lunch box. It's a budget meal that always satisfies. To this day, my ultimate favorite meal from Jollibee is Champ. I will always eat this burger. Diet be damned!  

2. KFC 

Finger lickin' good KFC! When it comes to juicy chicken on a budget, I always go for KFC. This fast food joint has also been a go-to place since childhood when my parents would take me to the mall. There've been quite a few changes to their menu over the years like no more bread rolls! Still, I think their chicken remains the same in terms of taste and so it's often something I order for the family. 

3. Chowking

When it comes to budget Chinese food, my go-to is Chowking. Unlike KFC and Jollibee, I only got around to liking this place back in College. My introduction to this fast food joint was not a choice of mine. It just so happens that it was the only nearby fast food place in the area that was still open late that time when my Collegemates and I needed to eat. 

My first ever favorite thing on Chowking’s menu offering was Braised Beef. But that was phased out. Then came Yangchow Rice which I’ve loved pairing with their Stir Fry Kangkong. Unfortunately, Chowking has also phased out both. Why, Chowking? Why? I deserve a reasonable explanation. LOL! 

For those who've been missing Chowking's Braised Beef, check this video out on how to recreate this fave dish. 

4.  McDonald’s 

I didn’t like McDonald’s for the longest time. Mainly because I once ordered a Big Mac from them, my first time to try it, and I didn’t like it. I thought it was bland. It was nothing like the ad I saw which looked, well, delicious. But at a kiddie birthday party once, I was able to try their spaghetti and fries and the rest was history. 

To this day, those two are still my fave dishes to offer from McDonald’s. Though they’ve expanded their menu offerings and I’ve discovered a couple more dishes I like. Hello, McChicken Sandwich – one of my favorite comfort foods and chicken ala king. 

5. Burger King

Last, but not the least, on my list of fave budget places to eat at, Burger King. This quickly became a favorite of mine in high school. I had a friend who would always order a meal from Burger King to take to the movies with him and he was the one who introduced this fast food joint to me. During those days, I, too, would order from Burger King, a meal I can take to the movies with me. 

For the longest time, the only thing I eat at Burger King is their Mushroom Swiss Burger. Oh how I love its juicy patty, the melted cheese and the mushrooms! Their fries are a must order to go along with burger meals. I love the thick cut potatoes. 

What’s on the Menu?

While I’m always comforted by my favorite meals, there are times that even I feel like switching things up. Sometimes, that means exploring a new restaurant or simply a new dish from one of my go-to food joints. Of course, in order to decide, the question is always “What’s on the menu?”

Pre-days of Google, I recall we collected menu leaflets that are stacked on our fridge door with the delivery number of the restaurant. These days of course, everything’s a search away on the World Wide Web. Thinking of ordering from a new and unfamiliar restaurant? Google it for reviews! And then search again for the full menu since reviews only highlight the best sellers or specialty usually.

Speaking of finding a menu list online, check this source out. It has a list of fast food brands and smaller food companies that are available in the Philippines with their menu and price information. 

Whether you’re ordering for yourself or for a group of people, you can easily see what might appeal to your taste buds and your budget.