Dining Experience at the Airplane Restaurant in Tayabas City

I had the chance to go to Quezon Province recently and finally was able to check out Air Summit Gourmet. It's the first and only airplane restaurant in the Philippines that offers a fine dining experience.   

I first learned about this interesting concept for a restaurant from an acquaintance who wanted to also do a concept restaurant. As I was searching Google for ideas on concept restaurants, I stumbled upon this. 

Together with my cousins, we drove to Tayabas City to experience dining at Air Summit Restaurant. As soon as we got into the area, the airplane above came into view. If you're bringing a car, don't worry there are parking spaces. 

Check-In  Process

Just like in an actual airport, there's a "check-in" area at Air Summit Gourmet before you can board the plane. 

Pieces of luggage surround the check-in counter 

Clocks that show various times in different countries

My cousin waiting for "boarding" 

Our "boarding pass"

Also saw this dining setup at the check-in area. Maybe guests can also dine here when the plane is full. 

Inside the Plane 

Finally, we're about to board the plane! 

A nice lighting fixture inside Air Summit 

Air Summit was packed when we got there for lunch. The airplane restaurant is apparently a popular place to dine.


There's a boarding and landing announcement and even reminders to fasten seat belt. Even the service crew were dressed like flight attendants to keep in the concept of selling the experience of airplane restaurant fine dining. 

Our window view 

Ready for Take Off! 

Air Summit Gourmet offers a selection of both international and local cuisines. Here's everything we ordered. 

Tuna creamy pasta 

Tuna Belly

Fish fillet orange sauce 

Strawberry cheesecake 

Leche flan and java rice 

The Overall Experience 

I wasn't disappointed with the food and neither were my companions. But it's honestly just okay. Satisfactory but not nothing special. I think it's really the experience of dining in an airplane restaurant that one pays for. By the way, they only accept cash for payment so make sure you have more than enough. ATMs are quite a drive from the Air Summit Gourmet. 

We enjoyed the dining experience at Air Summit Gourmet and I would recommend that people try it even just once. 


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