Where's Wina: A Boho Paradise in Metro Manila

Marikina City is a vibrant hub of culture, creativity, and history. It's most known to be the shoe capital of the Philippines and more recent times, it has established itself as a place for food tripping and neighborhood coffee shops. But there's something else this city has to offer - a break from the hustle of the Metro life. 

Where is Wina is a charming and quaint hideaway Airbnb located in Marikina City which offers more than just a place to stay. According to its Instagram profile, it's perfect for intimate gatherings, content, or prenup shoots, and yes, staycation. It has been featured by several media for being such an Instagrammable accommodation. My friends and I, have wanted to gather and bond as a group for the longest time, but we needed a place that's feasible to go for all of us. And so we booked an overnight stay at Where is Wina. 

A Stylish Home in Marikina 

Where is Wina is tucked away in a tranquil neighborhood so you're sure to have a serene atmosphere while also being just a stone's throw away from the city's vibrant offerings. When you step inside, you'll find the attention to detail and warm ambiance enveloping you, instantly making you feel like you've found your home away from home.  

This two-story Airbnb can accommodate up to 8 people as it is comprised of three rooms: the white room, the blue room, and the brown room. And whether you choose to rent the entire house or rent one or two rooms only, you'll still get the entire place to yourselves. The interiors of this place are full of personality and very snap-worthy.  

The couch filled with our presents for each other 

Brought some coffee table books as decor. Made use of the place for a few content shoots for Reader's Den MNL too. 

We had a phone like this at our house before I broke it. LOL! 

Our Bedroom Accommodations

The white room has two beds and over by that curtain, are sliding doors that lead to the pool area. So you know, if you feel like going for a swim, you can just easily do so through this room. 

The blue room has a double bed, its own bathroom, and an outdoor bathtub. 

The Outdoors 

Where is Wina outdoors is just as charming as it is on the inside. It's surrounded by plants and has a small manmade fish pond. 

There's also a large outdoor dining area. That's where we spent most of our time, eating, chatting, and drinking. Where is Wina has a kitchen area where you can cook but we didn't bother. We had Grabfood delivery instead. 

Welcome drinks. Tasty home-brewed iced tea! 

There are also a couple of activities you can do at Where is Wina such as painting though I'm not sure if they'll provide the paint for you or you'll bring your own and table tennis, which we played for only a little while.  

This boho paradise won't be complete without a sparkling swimming pool with really cold water. 

We had an overall great stay at Where is Wina. This Airbnb is as beautiful as it is in photos and I would recommend the place to anyone looking for a quick getaway without leaving Metro Manila. 

To more bonding time and lasting friendship with these ladies 


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