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1120 House: A Respite from the Chaos of the Metro

The Omicron surge started to decline by the last week of January and with all of us finally with our 3rd vax shot, we were able to make plans to go out again. We dined at 1120 House

It was Mai who discovered the place, browsing through Instagram last year. We wanted to originally celebrate our Christmas/New Year friends get together there but the restaurant was full on the date we intended to go. You need a reservation to dine in. 

It is such a posh restaurant tucked away by Rockwell, Makati! 

First, its location will require you to have a car or cab to get to it. Well, you can ride the jeep by Guadalupe MRT station (north side) but you still would have to walk to get to Rockwell.    
And the restaurant itself is gated and guarded. 

Our reservation was at 1PM. But we had to wait a few minutes past because our table wasn't ready. The previous customers sitting at our table refused didn't want to leave just yet since one of their companions got there later than their reservation time. The restaurant didn't have a choice but to prepare another table for us. 

IATF guidelines under Level 3 is 30% dine-in capacity only. Some people can be so entitled. But also I think the restaurant should be stricter with their reservations., perhaps imposing a cap for AM/PM reservations to avoid having to ask customers to vacate the table. 

Anyway, we were seated at the lanai area of the restaurant which worked out nicely for us. We thought that the area was really nice. 

The Interiors

I love the big windows that let the natural light in and the rattan and solihiya chairs.  

It was so nice I got my outfit taken on the side when the customers on that side left. Lucky for us it was a sunny afternoon so the natural light really added charm to the place.

This Preview article describes the place so well! 

What We Ordered

So yeah, the place looks nice and fancy. But is the food? Here are what we ordered for lunch. 

Roasted chicken with mashed potato and grilled veggies 

Chicken Galantina 

Mushroom Alfredo 

They're all delicious. The mushroom alfredo was creamy and had plenty of mushrooms. It's good they didn't skimp on that as some restaurants do. The chicken galantina was good but it's not a standout dish. And finally, the roast chicken with mashed potato, also delightful to eat as the chicken was juicy. the mashed potato was tasty and the veggies were grilled well. 

I had the roast chicken and I liked my dish so much! Only I didn't get to finish it. The waiter took it away when he served the dessert. He probably thought I was done and I didn't get the chance to stop him since I was busy looking for the wet wipes in my bag at that time. I was trying to prove to my friend that I was no slob and that I bring along wipes whenever I could. 

I didn't dwell on that too much since the dessert we ordered made me forget all about it. 

We had the dark chocolate cake and crepe samurai. Originally, we wanted to order a cheesecake for dessert originally but that wasn't available. The waiter recommended the crepe samurai. One bite of its sweet glory washed away my disappointment of not being able to finish my entree! 

If you're looking for a quiet place where you can enjoy a delicious meal with your friends just for a couple of hours, 1120 House is worth considering.   

1120 House
Metropolitan Compound, Amapola corner Estrella Streets,
Makati City 
Operating Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily