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Foodtripping Weekend

There's not much to share in terms of places in the cities I've visited considering NCR+ is still under MECQ. But I did do a little bit of food tripping. 

Joybean: Milk Tea for The Lactose Intolerant

Good news for those allergic to dairy but loves milk tea! You can drink milk tea thanks to Singaporean soy milk brand, Joybean. Been here for a couple of years now with their pop up store that opened in Greenbelt, Makati. 

Not the first time I've tried this milk tea brand but it was my first time in a long while. I was out running errands in Greenbelt and Glorietta area last week with a friend and we decided to treat ourselves to a cool drink after walking in the hot sun for a while. This is the cheesecake brown sugar milk tea which was delicious by the way! I scraped off every bit of cheesecake in it and it sure was a good way to cap off errand day.  

Yep, this is my new kind of joy these days. Affordable too at only PHP170. 

Filipino Style Lasagna with Lasagna MNL

I helped myself to a delicious pasta for an afternoon snack and decided on Lasagna MNL. This is a small food business that I first discovered last year. It had a lot of rave customer reviews. If you're after a sweet and creamy lasagna, you won't be sorry with Lasagna MNL. Last year, they only had the frozen lasagna for delivery but now, they've expanded to include ready to order ones. Also great news for anyone who orders via Foodpanda and uses Shopback for some cash back, they're available on the food delivery platform. 

One bite out of this creamy lasagna and you're going to say you got your money's worth. They also have a bigger sized order available so if you're sharing with the family, I suggest you get that so there's more for each of you! Their regular serving is good for 2-3 pax for only Php260 and their family serving is good for about 6-8 pax for only Php890. 

Angel's Pizza: A Healthy Pizza 

This pizza's been much talked about lately online! I was definitely curious to try. I love pizza! Finally, after days of thinking about it, I gave in and ordered via Grab Food. I ordered the family size serving which is Php588. Be prepared to wait for awhile though. I think because Angel's Pizza is so popular, there's so many orders! When I ordered, my Grab Food driver had to tell me there's an hour's waiting time. 

The rave about this creamy spinach dip is justified! Really good. Well that is if you like veggies on your pizza. It is after all, spinach. 

Hot Summer Day Calls for Ice Cream

Last one on my list is this new product from Magnum ice cream. It's the dairy free version of their popular almond ice cream, certainly good news for those who are lactose intolerant. Gave this to my friend, Jackie but I also tried one for myself. 

It's as good as the original version! Definitely worth paying Php95 for. 

Have you been doing some food tripping too? What have you guys tried out lately?  


Your Neighborhood's Deliciously Big Burgers: 100g Burgers

One of my go-to comfort foods are burgers. Who doesn't love a good burger? And when we talk of burgers, there are brands that come to mind instantly like Jollibee and Burger King for the fast food joint burgers; 8 cuts and Shake Shack for the more expensive burgers, and of course there are your neighborhood burgers.

I love a good neighborhood burger! It's a bit more affordable than the fast food joint types and sometimes bigger in size too. At Bangkal, Makati, that's what you'll get when you order from 100g Burgers. I've only recently discovered this neighborhood burger joint located at Estrella street. 

100g burgers

100g Burgers has a space for dine in customers should you wish to take your food there. It's an open air burger place. You can also choose to have your food delivered via Grab. 

affordable delicious burgers

100g burgers has a lot offerings! For our order, we ordered Hawaiian burger, 100g burger, double bacon mushroom melt and clubhouse sandwich.

100g burgers

Closer look at our orders

hawaiian 100g burger
100g Hawaiian burger

100g bacon mushroom melt burger
100g double bacon mushroom melt burger

100g burger best seller
100g burger, one of their best sellers 

I have no photo of the clubhouse sandwich since my mother just couldn't wait to eat!😅 But they are all big and delicious! They're also affordable. Their burger prices start at Php75! 

A bonus treat for cat lovers out there when you visit the store, you'd find their adorable cats just lying around. You can pet them while you wait for your order.

cats of bangkal

100g burger_tuxedo cat

This neighborhood burger place is definitely worth checking out so if you live nearby, be sure to try their burgers. You'll not only get to fulfill your burger cravings but you'll also be helping out a small business too!