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Review Nail Salon Home Service: VIP Nails Manila


There are certain things we used to do that has been badly affected by the pandemic such as pamper me activities like going to a spa for a massage or getting your nails done. Those two things are actually a favorite way of mine to unwind and even though the government has allowed spas and nail salons to re-open, going out for these activities is something I'm not going comfortable with doing just yet with the number of COVID-19 cases continuously rising in the Philippines. 

It's a good thing I found a nail salon that offers home service! I stumbled upon a sponsored ad online about VIP Nails Manila offering nails at home service and was intrigued to check it out. 

On their Facebook page, under About it said: Book with us for a safe, luxurious home service nail spa experience at reasonable prices. And you know what? Their price is competitive with some nail salons I used to go to at the malls! Currently, they service Manila, Makati, Pasay, Mandaluyong, BGC and Taguig. 

Booking a Service

Booking a service from VIP Nails Manila was very easy. I simply reached out through the Send Message button on their pinned post. They are very responsive. 

I set my appointment date and time; told them the service I wanted to avail (a signature foot spa with pedicure) and filled out their booking form so my order could be processed. My invoice/confirmation was issued after awhile. 


They offer various payment methods such as bank transfer, GCash or COD. 

Safety First

VIP Nails Manila nail artisans are transported by a company service vehicle to their respective appointments so the employees have less risk of exposure to other people when they venture outside for work. 

They also wear PPE gear with mask and face shield when they arrive at your place. As for their tools, they sanitize them before use and after use as well.  

The Experience

On the day of my appointment, VIP Nails Manila community manager reached out to me an hour before my set appointment time to let me know the arrival status of the nail artisan assigned to me. They are usually right on time for the appointment and if in any case they are running late, you would be informed as is the case of what happened to me during my second appointment with them. 

When the nail artisan arrives, she'd come with a huge trolley travel bag which had all the tools we would need for my nail spa session which includes her foldable chair and thermos bottle. All I needed to provide was water and the electrical outlet where she could plug the thermos to boil water. 

VIP Nails Manila Nail Salon Home Service

Even with VIP Nails Manila's safety precautions, I also added a couple more to it by having my nails done outdoors, specifically our garage area and I wore a mask as well during my appointment. 
nails service at home

I like that VIP Nails Manila had a standby hydrogen peroxide that the nail artisan uses when she's already on the part of cutting out dry skin from my big toes which usually falls victim to wounds. The hydrogen peroxide is antiseptic so it helps to prevent growth of disease causing micro organisms in case a cut does unfortunately wound you. As someone who's had a really bad experience with getting nails done (I had a big toe that got wounded and infected a few months before trying out their service), seeing that they use hydrogen peroxide helps put me at ease.

So far though I've been lucky that the nail artisans I've had assigned to me had light hands so my big toes are safe! They also seem very well trained and knowledgeable enough about the service they provide. I've been a regular customer  since the first time I've tried them and all  my experience with them was nothing but good! 

Samples of their Finished Work

If you are looking to get your nails done at home, I recommend you try them out! You're gping to really feel like a VIP with their service.

VIP Nails Manila 



Photo Credits: Cover photo and logo are from VIP Nails Manila Facebook page